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ABOUT Mark Lane

Executive Chef, Mark Lane & sole owner & chef of Culinary Lane Catering, has over 30 years of experience in top international restaurant and hotel kitchens. I am the only Chef at Culinary Lane Catering, so I guarantee, I will be the only one that prepares and cooks your food!

Have a look at the places I have worked in New Zealand, Austarlia & the United Kingdom listed below.

Mark Lane Private Chef at Culinary Lane
Mark was a caterer at the Regant Auckland

The Regent Hotel

Auckland, New Zealand / Sydney, Australia

New Zealand's & Sydney's first truly 5-star hotel. This is where I started cooking & I worked for 3 years in all sections including Kables & Longchamp fine dining restaurants.

Mark was a sous chef at Harbourside seafood bar and grill

Harbourside Restaurant

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland premier seafood restaurant for over 25 years. I worked here for 3 years including Sous Chef before heading overseas.

Mark worked at International catering at Le Pont De La Tour

Le Pont De La Tour

London, England

A flagship restaurant in Tower Bridge's Gastronome with 4 restaurants & 4 specialty food shops owned by Sir Terrance Conran. I worked here for 2 years & met my future wife, Amanda.

Mark lectured at Auckland Hotels and Chefs Training School

Auckland Hotel & Chefs Training School

Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

I decided to try Chef Tutoring to spend more time with my wife & was tutor for 1 year which was a great experience, before I was asked to head up the kitchens at Ibiza & Isobar in Takapuna.

Mark was executive chef at Somerset Grand

Sommerset Grand Metropolis Hotel

Auckland, New Zealand

This was to be Auckland's Premier 5 star hotel. With over 40 floors of pure luxury, I had 5 weeks to open the Kitchen operations as Executive Chef at the brand new building. We opened in November 1999.

Mark was private chef in Auckland at The Northern Club

The Northern Club

Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand's premier Private Club with 2 restaurants and several function rooms. I was Executive Chef for over 3 years before starting my own restaurant.

News article showing Mark was manager at Waipu Cover Store

Waipu Cove General Store

Waipu Cove, Northland, Auckland

This was the iconic Diary that Rachel Hunter had a Trumpet in the back of the VW. I turned this into a general store with gourmet products, an off license, fresh meats, seafood and normal diary products & selling to move back home to settle down.

Mark was general manager at award wining Puhoi Valley Cheese store

Puhoi Valley Café & Cheese Store

Puhoi, Auckland, New Zealand

I was the General Manager of the Award winning Puhoi Cafe & Cheese Store for 3 years. I was responsible for the entire running of the operations. We received the Best Premium Ice Cream Award in the National Ice Cream Awards which they have gone on to win the last 3 year in a row.

Mark was a Sous Chef at Bronze Goat

The Bronze Goat

Auckland, New Zealand

An iconic Auckland restaurant for over 30 years in Ponsonby Road. I was Sous Chef at the age of 18 & worked there for 2 years.

Mark headed up the resturant at the Radisson

Radisson Hotel

Cairns, Australia

A 5 star hotel in sunny Queenland hotel where I ran the fine dining restaurant the Captains Table for a year before heading off to London.

Mark was executive chef at Hammerheads seafood Restaaurant and bar
Mark worked at Hammershead in 1997 as executive chef

Hammerheads Seafood Bar & Grill

Auckland, New Zealand

This was my first Executive Chef's Job at the recently opened seafood restaurant at the age of 26 & I worked at hammerheads for over 3 years.
What a great place to work!

Mark worked at gourmet pizza bar Ibiza Bar and Grill

Ibiza & Isobar

Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

I was Executive Chef for 1 year at New Zealand's first Gourmet Pizza Restaurant, Isobar & the Brassiere Ibiza.

Oakford Towers

Melbourne, Australia

I was Executive Chef of this iconic Hotel in Little Bourke Street in Melbourne for 2 years before heading back home to start a family.

The Beach House Restaurant

Waipu Cove, Northland, New Zealand

I opened this restaurant to great reviews as a fine dining destination in Northland as Head Chef/ Owner. This included a finalist in Cuisine Magazine's Restaurant of the Year.

Mark was executive chef at kokako

Kokako Organics

Auckland, New Zealand

I was Executive Chef for over 2 years running the kitchen operations of their catering & cafe businesses. This was a organic and vegetarian cafe that had an amazing following owned by Mike Murphey who's Kokako Coffee is nationally renowned.

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